Pro Alloy Golf MK2 (VAG 1.8T Power) Cooling Package - Radiator / Intercooler / Boost Pipework / Water Pipework / Twin Fans

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Golf MK2 (1.8T) Cooling Package

Specifically designed for the MK2 Golf fitted with the 1.8T VAG engine, our cooling package has been designed to cool engines up to 600 BHP!

The kit comprises of:

  • 50mm extruded core intercooler with shaped end tanks to aid air flow.
  • 50mm Twin row alloy water radiator complete with Twin SPAL cooling fans.

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Dimensions of this package:

  • Intercooler core size 540mm flow length x 400mm stack height x 50mm thick (extruded tube type core) Overall size 700mm wide x 400mm tall, 70mm thick on the end tanks. In/out tubes 60mm dia. 
  • Radiator Core 640mm flow length x 310mm stack height x 50mm thick. Overall size 725mm x 310mm x 60mm thick on the end tanks Both pipes 32mm dia.
  • M22 threaded boss for fan switch.
  • Fans 2 x SPAL 11”
  • Overall thickness of both coolers bolted together 135mm

*Available in either Satin Silver or Satin Black..

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