New Beetle Cabrio Rear Window Clip Repair Kit

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At  Be More Beetle we are regularly asked about the sagging rear window problem on the New Beetle Cabriolet.

Earlier models suffered a problem where the retaining clips failed and allowed the inner headliner to become separated from the roof frame - becoming unsightly and obscuring rearward vision.

This is because the original (plastic) clips over time expand with temperature changes over the seasons and become brittle - eventually breaking with the raising or lowering of the roof. VW themselves resolved this problem on later models and the same parts can be used to repair the early 2003-2006 cars.

Be More Beetle now offers a complete repair kit which can be easily fitted using basic home tools and minor DIY experience.

Our kit comprises of:
- 20 sprung (metal) repair clips. You need 18 (3 for each side and 6 top and bottom) leaving you two spare
- An easy to read fitting guide (available online HERE) with images and comprehensive instructions

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